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The origins of Christopher Chubb Cars

The beginnings of Christopher Chubb Cars emerged from the inspirations of my father, who has dedicated the past 50 years to the profession of automotive body repair and paint rectification. Through his successful endeavour, he has secured business from many well known car dealerships and developed relationships, which would in turn; present me with a fantastic opportunity.

Although I had already started trading on a small scale, this was what I had been waiting for; the opportunity to work closely with local dealerships and purchase their part exchange vehicles. I found that as a rule, the main dealer part exchanges were a faster and more reliable way of purchasing, benefiting both my customers and the success of Christopher Chubb Cars.

As the personnel moved on to different dealerships, I became aware of different dealership methods of selling their part exchanges and was able to start buying from a variety of sources. This still remains the case today. The advantage of this variety is that it enables me to pick the very best cars to suit my customer’s various needs. I am aware that the origin of a car is very important, and a key factor when buying a car.

My personal history also includes a large portion of my life in motorsport. This time taught me many things that are still with me in the business today. The sport taught me the focus and the analytical nature that is required to be a success on the track or, in this case, to give the customer my best. The competitive nature of the sport can be compared to the car market and to remain competitive means that the cars, prices and service need to stay on point.

I hope that all my experience will help me deliver the best cars and service to you for many years to come.